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Canadian Sport Fishing:

Bill Rivers on Crooked Lake

demo"The Straight Goods" on Crooked Lake Lodge and fishing written by Bill Rivers from Canadian Sport Fishing.


"Thanks so much for you generous hospitality at Crooked Lake. Everyone had a great time and caught a lot of fish!"

G. Gillespie (Hamilton ON, CAN)


bass fishing

World Class Bass Fishing

Feel the exhilaration of a Large or Smallmouth Bass on the end of your line.

Crooked Lake was stocked with Largemouth Bass decades ago and has very little fishing pressure as we practice Catch and Release; therefore, the abundant Bass have reached record weights in Crooked Lake, with tournament size fish up to 7 pounds having been caught.

  • Largemouth bass are one of the most aggressive fighting fish in the world and will give any fisherman a challenge. The perfect spot for your own private fishing tournament!
  • Smallmouth bass are also plentiful and pound for pound, one of the toughest fighting fish. Travel the length of Crooked Lake and find the perfect spot to enjoy the thrill of Bass Fishing.
  • With the exception of some shore lunch or menu items, the Lodge adheres to a policy of catch and release.
  • Perfect as well for children, and non-fishermen learning to fish, as there is constant action, with a bite almost every cast. Putting worms on and taking fish off hooks, can be a constant exciting pastime, even from the docks. Great entertainment for families and groups who enjoy the wild side of nature!
  • Check out the Bass Fishing and the Lodge as seen on The New Fly Fisher Television
  • Check out the bass fishing and the lodge as seen on The New Fly Fisher Television Show on our Home Page.

Breathtaking Photography

Crooked Lake Wilderness Lodge is in the heart of the 35,500 hectare, Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands; one of the most diverse and least disturbed natural areas found in Central Ontario. Containing more than 50 landform vegetation patterns, these wildlands have limited or no recent history of logging. The spectacular Canadian Shield with low-rolling topography, rocky outcrops, and treed natural shorelines are reminiscent of Group of Seven paintings. As well, there is abundant avian and wildlife, making it a Photographer's heaven.


Canoeing and Kayaking

Explore the scenic wonder of the Canadian wilderness by canoe or kayak. Paddle the 3 km length of Crooked Lake, explore the bays and fishing holes, or venture to nearby lakes and waterways on miles of marked Canoe Routes.

Take a look at these videos.


Wilderness Hiking

True wilderness hiking experiences are abundant around Crooked Lake. You can paddle across the lake and climb Blueberry Hill, pick blueberries in season and walk for many kilometres on top of the hills of the Canadian Shield, enjoying spectacular views of the Crooked Lake and surrounding wildlands.

For the dedicated hiker, Crooked Lake Wilderness Lodge is within a few kilometers of the Ganaraska Hiking Trail -500 km of fabulous wilderness hiking. If you plan on hiking, be sure to bring appropriate gear and supplies. As we are nestled in the wilderness, wildlife could be just around the corner -deer, moose, beaver, great blue heron and possibly even a bear. Come prepared to ensure a great hike!

rock climbing

Challenging Rock Climbing

On Crooked Lake, you'll find a new climb around every corner. Rock outcrops abound and the challenges are endless. Be sure to bring your own gear!

For the less adventurous, a moderate climb on the path up Blueberry Hill will provide excellent vistas and photo opportunities.


Ultimate Relaxation

Fish, Canoe, Hike, Rock Climb, Revitalize, Socialize, Take pictures or Do absolutely nothing. Spend evenings around the fire, roasting marshmallows, telling fish tales, playing games or making music. Crooked Lake is ideal for a cool dip, water play, or a long swim. Whether you seek privacy or company, at Crooked Lake Wilderness Lodge, there are several decks to sunbathe, read a book, chill, or socialize.

The true meaning of relaxation is to have the choice. At Crooked Lake Wilderness Lodge, you have the choices to guarantee yourself true relaxation and enjoyment.




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